Save A Tree; Read For Free! Put a Library on Your Computer


March 21, 2005 - By Melissa Mathis, Greenspan

A global effort is being undertaken to scan entire libraries and make them available to the general public online and free of charge. This will save habitat by eliminating the need for paper. This also will facilitate access to written works for those who are unable to access a library, especially those in Third World countries. College students will no longer be hit by the cost of purchasing mandatory reading materials. There are many benefits to E-books.

Greenspan's E-Book collection includes: Aesops Fables, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Frankenstein, Dracula, Moby Dick, Don Quixote, Shakespeare, The Iliad, Odyssey, Ulysses, Divine Comedy, Huckleberry Finn, Art of War, Sherlock Holmes, Gulliver's Travels, Siddhartha,  Alice in Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Brothers Grim Fairy Tales, Andersen's Fairy Tales, and hundreds more. Order


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Project Gutenberg recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. They host over 20,000 E-titles. Created by volunteers all over the world, they digitize books both classic and modern, all freely available for non-commercial use. To learn more log on to

There are similar websites for music and software. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. provides a wide range of free software that people all over the world are working to make available on a global scale to the public. provides a free office suite similar to Microsoft Office; some people actually prefer it to the Microsoft format. These are just a few examples. is an excellent resource of links to other websites that provide free books and other digitally archived materials such as music and software. Availability of these items is growing day by day. is attempting to archive the entire internet. If your website is deleted, they’ll have not only a copy of the final material, but they also display the entire history of any website from its inception.

“Riding the Bullet,” Stephen King’s novella, was only available online. Hundreds of thousands of King fans downloaded copies, which were initially offered free. It spawned mass public interest in electronic books, initiating a public demand to transmit as much information and material as possible into electronic formats. This has had a strong beginning, and soon the entire world will be able to share one global library. And no overdue fees.

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